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horse's face after 4 Immunocidin treatments

Equine Sarcoid Tumor Product Now Available to U.S. Veterinarians

NovaVive now offers an equine-specific version of its Immunocidin® product for equine sarcoids in response to demand by U.S. veterinarians. Immunocidin® Equine is packaged in 5mL vials for the convenience of practitioners.

baby calf in a field

Antibiotic Alternative for Cattle Now Available to Canadian Veterinarians

Amplimune™ is now available to Canadian veterinarians. Amplimune is an immunomodulator that reduces the clinical signs/mortality associated with E. coli diarrhea in neonatal calves. It offers an alternative to antibiotics.

Antibiotic Alternative for Cattle Approved for Sale in Canada by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Amplimune™ has received approval for sale in Canada by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The Company believes this is the first antibiotic alternative therapy for livestock to receive Canadian regulatory approval.

dog running in the grass

NovaVive Inc. Summarizes Canine Cancer Data Presented at World Veterinary Cancer Congress

The results of clinical studies using MCW formulations in ameliorating neutropenia and inducing serum cytokine synthesis were presented at the 3rd World Veterinary Cancer Congress (WVCC) in May, 2016 in Brazil.

person working in a lab

NovaVive Inc. Announces its Canine Cancer Development Plan

Building on its safe and effective treatment for canine mammary cancer (Immunocidin®), NovaVive is targeting canine hemangiosarcoma, chemotherapy-induced neutropenia, and palliation as new indications.

mare with foal in field

Settle®: A Regulator-Approved Antibiotic Alternative for Treating Equine Endometritis

NovaVive offers an alternative to antibiotics for the treatment of equine endometritis: Settle®. This product is fully approved by regulators in the U.S. and Australia for endometritis caused by Streptococcus zooepidemicus.

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