NovaVive Seeking to Enhance Quality of Life of Dogs with Cancer

18 August 2020

Napanee, Ontario, Canada NovaVive Inc., an animal health immunobiology company, today announced that its canine anticancer product is being evaluated in a clinical study as a palliative therapy for malignant cancer. The main goal of this therapy is to increase the comfort and well-being of the animals and, therefore, maintain or improve the overall quality and duration of their remaining life. The multi-site study will involve veterinary clinics in the USA and Canada, and is financially supported by the USA-based Canine Cancer Alliance (CCRA).

Data from a retrospective study conducted by Dr. Jeannette Kelly, a veterinary oncologist from New Mexico, was presented at the Veterinary Cancer Society Annual Conference last October. Dr. Kelly reported that 8 dogs with Lymphoma who received Immunocidin along with chemotherapy enjoyed extended survival times ranging from 4.4 months to 40.9 months. Dr. Kelly’s data suggests that Immunocidin can help to extend the life expectancy of dogs with cancer.

Immunocidin® has regulatory approval in the USA and Canada for the intratumoral treatment of canine mammary tumors (breast cancer). This new study is assessing the efficacy of Immunocidin as a solo palliative therapy for dogs who have been diagnosed with different malignant cancers (measurable tumors). Reduction of pain, progression of the tumor(s), and the overall quality of life will be evaluated. Each eligible dog will be administered the product intravenously (3 times) and orally (9 times). Additional protocol details are available at (study # AAHSD005171).

Immunocidin stimulates the dog’s immune system to help fight disease. The product is an emulsion of mycobacterial cell wall fractions and bacterial nucleic acids, which have been shown to induce apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancer cells while not affecting normal cells. Chemotherapy tends to destroy all types of cells in the body. Immunocidin also stimulates the activation of immune cells (macrophages and T-lymphocytes) to kill cancer cells. It is contemplated that Immunocidin given as a palliative therapy could help to alleviate discomfort and support improved appetite, mobility and sleep in dogs with cancer, and also may help to reduce the progression of the tumor(s).

About the Canine Cancer Alliance (CCRA)

CCRA is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Bellevue, WA, USA. The CCRA provides funding for research to develop better treatments for cancer in pet dogs.  CCRA encourages collaboration between human cancer researchers and veterinary clinicians and researchers.  Project proposals are reviewed by the CCRA scientific review team against a number of criteria in order to select the most promising projects. For more information on CCRA, please visit

About NovaVive Inc.

NovaVive is a private company founded in July, 2014. The Company has an advanced veterinary immunotherapeutic platform based on mycobacterium cell wall fraction (MCWF) technology with 5 regulator-approved products in the USA. Certain formulations have demonstrated the capability of reducing the reliance on antibiotics in the treatment of bacterial diseases of horses and cattle or effectively treating viral equine respiratory disease. Other formulations have been developed as anticancer therapies in dogs and horses. The Company’s development plan is to identify additional livestock and companion animal diseases that may be effectively treated with its immunotherapeutic technology platform. For more information about the Company, please visit or contact:

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