Our Company

NovaVive Inc. was founded as a private company by Graeme McRae (Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Bioniche Life Sciences Inc.) in July, 2014 to introduce immunobiology-based technologies that are scientifically sound and address unmet veterinary medical needs.

In December, 2014, NovaVive acquired the Mycobacterium Cell Wall Fraction (MCWF) technology platform that was formerly part of Bioniche Animal Health. This potent technology was developed by Bioniche as part of its program to develop alternatives to antibiotics for animals. MCWF-based immunotherapies are also used to treat cancer in animals and have been modified to treat bladder cancer in man.

NovaVive also acquired the global license to MCNA for treating animal cancers. MCNA is an advanced formulation of mycobacterium cell walls and nucleic acids formulated for human applications. MCNA was advanced to Phase III in the treatment of human bladder cancer by Bioniche Life Sciences Inc.

NovaVive is managed by a group of experienced executives (ex-Bioniche) who collectively have successfully developed veterinary technologies that have taken large global market share in the face of rigorous competition.

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